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Closed for renovation between 21st March and 6th May 2019
Limited operation between 7th May and 7th July 2019
Reopening of the hotel and restaurant on 7th July 2019

Fitness and Wellness at Hotel eduCARE on Lake Ossiach

Sport and Relaxation

There are many opportunities for sporting activities in the nearby Carinthian lakes and mountains. Yet for those who would like to target train or do not have much time, the fitness room at Hotel eduCARE offers guests weights and modern exercise equipment. In the Spa & Wellness Area at the hotel you will find spa saunas, an infrared sauna and enough space to relax.

The fitness room at Hotel eduCAREis equipped with high quality exercise equipment for cardio and weight training. In addition to hand weights, treadmills and elliptical trainers, there is also an upper body ergometer in the hotel gym, which is also suitable for wheelchair users.

The Spa & Wellness Area at Hotel eduCARE

Anyone who has spent an active day skiing or hiking on the slopes of the Carinthian mountains should treat themselves to a bit of rest and relaxation afterwards. Especially in winter, a visit to the sauna does the body good. Spa saunas are beneficial for the body, mind and especially for the skin. The steam and high temperatures clear your pores, improve your complexion and appear to iron away your stress wrinkles. In this way, a sauna session at our hotel is a true beauty programme and moreover it has health benefits. Between sauna sessions, the loungers in the hotel garden and relaxation area offer you a place to unwind. 

Disabled access in the Spa & Wellness Area

The hotel sauna is also wheelchair accessible. Doors and radii are wide enough so that wheelchair users can take advantage of the hotel saunas independently.

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