Our sus­tain­able Hotel in Carinthia, Aus­tria

social responsibility in our eco-friendly hotel

“Look towards the future” has always been the Buchacher family’s motto. For two generations, they have dedicated themselves not only to the well-being of their guests, but also to the future of our planet. Here, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals have played a large role...

The hotel and restaurant business follow the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, also known as SDG. The Buchacher family see great potential for innovation in these goals, as well as a lifeline for our social interaction and for reducing pollutants on our planet.

The UN’s sus­tain­ab­il­ity de­vel­op­ment goals:


Climate action
Clean energy
Life on land

CO2 Neutral

Unser Unternehmen ist CO² Neutral zertifiziert. 


Hunger and well-being
Gender equality

Basic needs

Clean water and sanitation
No poverty or hunger
Peace and justice


Responsible consumption


Strong partners to reach our goals

These are just a few of the goals that are at the forefront of the eduCARE sustainable hotel in Carinthia and that play out in ways both small and large. This also includes using plastic very mindfully! It goes without saying that the straws used in the Restaurant zum TREFFNER and the Hotel eduCARE are made of glass. A small step – but one with a big impact!

Our eco-friendly hotel

Since the founding of the Hotel eduCARE in 2010, we have always held the goals of moderate water consumption, using rainwater to water the gardens, not wasting food, reducing CO2 emissions and treating employees equally and with respect.


Sustainability at the Restaurant zum TREFFNER

When you talk to our chef, you may be surprised to learn that the Restaurant zum TREFFNER near Villach, Austria, always buys entire cows – but the reason is simple: a cow is more than just its tenderloin. A creative chef can whip up wonderful dishes from just about every part of an animal. The zum TREFFNER team always know exactly where the cow came from because they buy local. Visit us for breakfast – as you enjoy your eggs, look across the street towards the Landskron Castle and you’ll see plenty of happy chickens: and the source of your breakfast. The kitchen team might even tell you (with a wink, of course) that they personally hand-picked your eggs!

 Not at the edu­CARE!

Food waste?

Let’s take an example: we serve coffee in the adjacent conference centre. Guests can help themselves as often as they like – but in the past, a lot of leftover coffee was unfortunately poured down the drain. “But now we have a bean to cup machine that we are very proud of.

Many guests love a cup of plain coffee, and our machine can offer that too. It is a real all-rounder!” explains Josefine Buchacher. Conference visitors can choose from a cappuccino, cafe latte, espresso, or a good old plain black coffee – freshly made with the push of a button.

Sus­tain­ab­il­ity at the edu­CARE

Our eco-friendly Hotel 

These are small and big things that the Buchacher family value – and you will feel that every minute of your stay in the sustainable Hotel eduCARE in Carinthia, Austria. By the way – if you take the corridor on the ground floor from the hotel to the Restaurant zum TREFFNER or the conference centre, take a look out of the windows on your right: this is our herb garden, home to many ingredients our chefs use for starters, spreads, salads and even ice cream. And because sustainability has to be practised and not just thought about, our neighbour lovingly built the large raised beds for our herbs. At the Hotel eduCARE, everything is about cooperation and local partnerships!

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